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Zinger + Twister Meal

Zinger + Twister Offer
Zinger Or Fillet + Twister + fries + Pepsi

Super Dinner Meal

Super Dinner

4 pcs Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Bun + Drink

QR 27.00 Order

Super Meal

12 pcs chicken + family fries + 4 buns

KFC Qatar Meal Deals! There is an exciting fried chicken deal for everyone in Qatar.

Hottest KFC Meal Deals to choose from. Find your favorite fried chicken deal and order now to enjoy our most popular dishes at home, delivered right at your doorstep. Choose from a range of delicious KFC fried chicken deals that will leave you feeling Finger Lickin’ Good®! View our KFC Qatar menu to grab the latest offers! We have special deals to satisfy your hunger pangs in many delectable ways.

Share the pleasure of fresh and crispy fried chicken with your near and dear ones with our Sharing Meals Menu of KFC Qatar are too good to resist.

If you are ordering for yourself then we have the relevant fried chicken menu for single serving meals in the For One Menu section.

Explore our hot selling deals such as:

  1. Super Twister Meal: 4 pieces Twister Sandwiches, 4 Chicken pieces, 1 Family Fries, 1 Family Coleslaw, 1.25l Pepsi
  2. Grand Feast 21 Pieces: 21 pieces Chicken, 5 Crispy Strips,10 Buns, 4 Rizo bowls, 1 Family Fries, 1 Large Coleslaws, 2.25l Pepsi
  3. Grand Feast 15 Pieces: 15 pieces Chicken, 5 Crispy Strips, 6 Buns, 1 Family Fries, 1 Family Coleslaw,3 Rizo bowls, 2.25l Pepsi
  4. Grand Feast 9 Pieces: 9 pieces Chicken, 5 Crispy Strips, 4 Buns, 1 Family Fries, 1 Family Coleslaw, 2 Rizo bowls, 1.25l Pepsi

At KFC© Qatar, we are passionate about delivering on the Colonel’s promise to always serve chicken that is Finger Lickin’ Good®!