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For One

Shrimp Box

Shrimp Box
10Pcs Shrimp, Regular Fries, Reg Coleslaw, reg Drink, 1 Dynamite sauce, Colonel Signature Sauce
QR 35.00 Order

Surf N Turf Bucket

Surf N Turf Bucket
9 pcs of chicken, 9 pc shrimp, 1 family fries. 1 large coleslaw, 2.25L drink, 1 Sweet Chilli Sauce. 1 garlic sauce, 1 Colonel Sauce, 1 Dynamite sauce, 3 buns
QR 85.00 Order

Surf N Turf Box

Surf N Turf Box
10 Shrimps, 5 Strips, large Fries, 1 Sweet Chilli Sauce, 1 Colonel Sauce, 1 Dynamite Sauce
QR 42.00 Order

Shrimp & Rice Meal

Shrimp & Rice Meal
5 shrimps, rizo, regular drink, 1 Sweet Chili sauce
QR 22.00 Order

Shrimp & Chips

Shrimp & Chips
5 Shrimps, Reg. Fries, 1 colonel Sauce
QR 22.00 Order

Gamer's Box

 Gamer's Box
Mighty Zinger Sandwich, fries, drink, and cookie.
QR 29.00 Order

Mighty Zinger Box

Mighty Zinger Box
Mighty Zinger Sandwich + 1pc Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Drink

Zinger Box Meal

Zinger Box Meal
Zinger Sandwich + 1pc Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Drink

Super Dinner Meal

Super Dinner

4 pcs Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Bun + Drink

QR 27.00 Order

Big Filler Box

Big Filler Box
Big Filler Sandwich (original or spicy) + 1 chicken pc + 1 regular fries + 1 small coleslaw + 1 regular drink

Dinner Meal

Dinner Meal
3pcs Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Bun + Drink

Twister Box

Twister Sandwich + 1pc Chicken + Fries + Coleslaw + Drink

Dinner Strips Meal

Crispy Strips Meal
4 pcs Strips + Fries + Coleslaw + 2 Sauces + Bun + Drink

Mighty Zinger Meal

Mighty Zinger
Mighty Zinger Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Big Filler Meal

Big Filler
Big Filler Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Twister Meal

Twister Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Shrimps Supreme Meal

Zinger Shrimp Supreme
Shrimps Supreme Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Supreme Meal

Supreme Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Zinger Meal

Zinger Sandwich + Fries + Drink

Chicken Fillet Meal

Chicken Fillet
Chicken Fillet Sandwich + Fries + Drink

For One Meals: Explore the delectable KFC Qatar Offers

Treat yourself with special FOR ONE Meals Menu with an extensive range of lip-smacking and delicious fried chicken dishes. Pair them with exciting Sides & Desserts and enjoy your solo time with KFC’s most popular fried chicken meals.

Choose KFC© Deals Menu with the latest offers for you. View For Sharing Meals options as well. We also have something special in our Sides & Desserts Menu for sweet cravings and you can enjoy some refreshing cool drinks with our drink’s options. Don't forget to explore before you place the order online

You FOR ONE Menu is loaded with enough options to suit every taste bud and appetite out there.

  1. Mozzarella Burger: Mozzarella Burger, Fries and a Drink
  2. Mozzarella Burger Box: Mozzarella Burger, One Chicken pc, Coleslaw, Fries and Pepsi
  3. Big Filler Sandwich: Filler Sandwich, Fries with Drink
  4. Super Dinner: 4 Chicken pieces, Fries, Coleslaw, Bun and Drink
  5. Snacks Box: 2 Chicken Pcs, Fries and Bun
  6. Box Master: Twister Max Sandwich, Fries with Drink
  7. Mighty Zinger Box: Mighty Zinger Sandwich, One Chicken pc with Fries, Coleslaw and Pepsi
  8. Twister Box : Twister, One Chicken pc, Fries, Coleslaw and Pepsi
  9. Dinner Strips: 4 pcs Strips, Fries, Coleslaw, 2 Sauces, Bun and Drink
  10. Dinner Crispy Strips Meal: 4 Crispy Chicken Strips, BBQ sauce, Cheddar Sauce, Coleslaw, Fries, Bun & Pepsi
  11. Zinger: Zinger or Fillet Sandwich, Fries and Drink
  12. Zinger Box Combo: One Piece Chicken, One Sandwich, Coleslaw, Fries and Drink of your choice
  13. Strips Rice Meal: 2 Chicken pcs, Rice, Sauce and drink
  14. Dinner Meal: 3 Chicken pieces, Fries, Coleslaw, Bun and Drink
  15. Zinger Shrimp Box: 10 pieces of Zinger Shrimps, Fries, Coleslaw, 2 Sauces and Soft Drink
  16. Zinger Box Meal: Zinger Sandwich, One pc Chicken, Fries, Coleslaw and Drink
  17. Chicken Fillet Meal: Chicken Fillet Sandwich, Fries with Drink
  18. Supreme Meal: Supreme Sandwich, Fries with Drink
  19. Shrimps Supreme Meal: Shrimps Supreme Sandwich, Fries

At KFC© Qatar, we are all about delivering on the Colonel’s promise and serve chicken that is always Finger Lickin’ Good®!